Signs of opiate addiction

Opiate addiction is one of the most common types of drug addiction that many people all over the world suffer from.

One of the major reasons why people take opiates is because they want to achieve a certain level of euphoria.

Therefore, they keep taking it in an unhealthy way that doesn’t end up benefitting different aspects of their health.

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Here are some of the signs of opiate addiction

Taking it regularly

Sometimes, health providers like doctors, recommend opiates as a medication to reduce the pain that comes with an injury, or for other purposes.

However, if you notice that an individual is taking it frequently even more than the prescribed dose, then the person could be addicted.

In some cases, they can get their prescription from several doctors so that they can have a large supply of opiates.

Inability to make the right decisions

When you are under the influence of excess opiates, it might be impossible to make the right decisions. People addicted to opiates will find themselves struggling with several options only to end up with the most unsuitable one.

Strange sleeping patterns

Another way to spot opiate addiction is when the individual experiences changes in sleep patterns. This means that they can be stuck between somnolence and insomnia. They will find it difficult to get their right sleeping pattern.

Mood changes

People struggling with opiate addiction are likely to experience mood changes regularly. They can be slightly depressed one minute, and be elated the next minute. The mood swings would be excessive, and easily noticeable to people around them.

If you have someone you love who is struggling with opiate addiction, it can also affect you indirectly. You might start worrying about their drug use, which could lead to an anxiety disorder.

Therefore, instead of exercising fears or worries, you can ensure that they get the right help to become sober again. Approach them with love, instead of criticism, and encourage them to go for treatment.

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