Opiates are painkillers generally, they are produced from substances known as opium that are found in seeds and plants. Opioids are employed by medical practitioners and pharmacists to treat pains in patients.

When opiates are used on an individual, he or she would be rid of the pain in no time. Most people who are addicted to opiates do not plan to get addicted in the first place.

Now, it would interest you to know that the pleasing experience felt after the use of opiates, is similar to what you would get when you take alcohol.

The effects are not intoxicating, but they trigger the pleasure centre of the brain, making you lust after the positive effect.

When an individual gives in to this, he or she begins to seek opiates so that they can continue to bask in the euphoria of the effects it brings.

This is when tolerance sets in. It gets to a point where the pleasing effects cannot satisfy the individual, and he or she needs to increase the dosage.

At this point, an abuse is developed, and the individual continues to take more of the substance.

If the individual is unable to access opiates for a while, it can lead to unpleasant symptoms referred to as withdrawal symptoms.

It becomes a full-swing addiction when the person is unable to refrain from the use of opiates and it becomes fully uncontrollable.

At this point, the person is experiencing a chronic brain disease where he or she needs to satisfy the lust of addiction.

Just like other forms of addiction, opiates addiction comes with lots of damaging effects. If care is not taken, it can ruin the lives of the individual.

An individual who is hooked on opiates need to seek help promptly from the right source which is a rehab.

There are various programs that a rehab offers in the addiction process and a thorough assessment of your case, determines the program you will be enrolled for.

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